Rua Boa Vista, 950 – Boa Vista, Barreirinhas – MA / CEP: 65590-000 – Brasil
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Route of Emotions

This route arose in the late nineties, practiced by the Europeans who came to explore this stretch of the extreme northeast. For some years now it has become a very sought after route for Brazilians and foreigners for its diversity of attractions and natural beauties. Traveling through three states, Maranhão – National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses, Piauí – Delta of Parnaíba and Ceará – National Park of Jericoacoara, offers the traveler certainly one of the most beautiful trips through the three destinations. The Encantes do Nordeste takes you.

Starting with the trip itself, which is all made in a 4×4 vehicle. There are 35 km of sand and land and 150 km of asphalt. Already out of the way is the most difficult stretch that is from Barreirinhas to Rio Novo (Paulino Neves) but also one of the most beautiful. Lots of sand along the way requiring 4×4 traction until arriving in the area of ​​the Small Sheets. An area of ​​geography identical to the National Park (Great Lençois) only of small proportions. The route passes through the middle of dunes and lagoons (in winter) making the scenery an imaginary blend of lunar soil and wild plains. Unmissable. It is not uncommon to find people from the region running between the dunes to try and make a momentary contact with the travelers, it is the sympathy and kindness of the people of ethnic, beautiful, dark and black faces of the Maranhão race. You arrive in Rio Novo and take the asphalt that will take us to Tutoia, are more 26 km. The route is cut by several streams and villages where it is common to find women washing clothes and children that appear in a magic pass waving from the door of the houses of mud or adobe.

Another 120 km of asphalt and you come to Parnaíba, second largest city of Piauí, one of the oldest and starting point to get to know the Delta of Parnaíba or the Delta of the Americas as they like to call the Maranhenses.

For those who have time available, we suggest a stay in Parnaíba from one to three days to know the beauties of the Piauí coast and the various options of tours available. For the more rushed here will be our lunch spot before we travel.

Our next destinations in more 135km of asphalt are Chaval, Barroquinha and Camocim already in Ceará. At this point we will take the ferry that will cross us to the Island of Love, and from there depending on the tide we will follow another 50 km by the sea border, crossing numerous beaches, or the backlands to Jericoacoara. By either way we will pass by Tatajuba, a beach practically deserted, of exuberant geography and incredible beauty and soon Guriú, a small fishing village that anchor their boats in the channel in front of the city filling of lirismo the landscape and where we will take another small raft to finally arriving at Jericoacoara in a few more kilometers.