Rua Boa Vista, 950 – Boa Vista, Barreirinhas – MA / CEP: 65590-000 – Brasil
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Tips in Lençóis Maranhenses

Be careful with the indications of the so-called “guides” of the street when you arrive in Barreirinhas. If you come by car they will ostensibly approach you at the entrance of the city and if they come by bus or van they will look for a moment to intercept you. This is because there is not in Barreirinhas on the part of the City Hall an inspection and a normalization with respect to this type of service. These guys are not qualified for the job they do and offer services that may not always provide you with good times on your trip. What a great asset, as always are the prices.

▪ Avoid hiring these transfer services and tours on your own. It can cost a bit cheaper more going out much more expensive and moreover you might end up buying a tour much lower than what the place provides. There are several bad antecedents to this service provision. Do not ruin your trip or your vacation for a few bucks. Definitely not worth it.

▪ If you are traveling without an agency, that is, on your own, look for the reception of your hostel to guide you in indicating a good receptive to carry out your tours and transfers. Through them you will have a better quality service, and more importantly, you will have to turn to if there is a problem. The Encantes do Nordeste has its own receptive. Contact us. Avoid headache, enjoy your trip safely and peacefully.

▪ The hiring of these services also stimulates informality and weakens regularly established companies. Collaborate with the professionalization of the destination.

▪ Be careful with the highway MA 402. It is an excellent road in terms of asphalt and layout, but there are many animals on the track, especially donkeys. Try to travel by day, do not exceed 100km / hour (allowed speed is 80km / hour), pay close attention on the track and have a good trip.

Do not rush down the lazy river. Enjoy the river. It’s an attraction apart. Pay attention to your vegetation, animals, birds, fish, riverside population, fishermen, their calm and dark waters. Make haste and stress locked at home and come prepared to enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil.

▪ If you have time, walk through the city, walk in the streets, visit the shops, go to the market, the fair by the river, to the Place of the Worker, talk to the natives, that’s the only way you can get to know our people, our habits and customs. Get to know the crafts of Barreirinhas. It is unique and represents the local culture well. Buriti straw allows you to make beautiful products and objects, but as everywhere, there are numerous shops with a wide range of products and quality. Browse the shops and good shopping.

▪ At the Sorvetão Ice Cream Shop, try the exotic cupuaçu, bacuri, murici, açaí and ice cream tapioca ice creams. In the same place ask for a cupuaçu juice with milk, it is an original and delicious frappe. And do not leave without taking the traditional guarana Jesus. Only in the maranhão and ecumenical, anyone can take.

Enjoy the best that Barreirinhas can offer you. We are here waiting for you and ready to welcome you in the best possible way.