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When to go to Lençóis Maranhenses

This is a question that everyone asks. After all when to go to the Lençóis? Well it is not so simple to respond, considering the diversity of interest of each.It is common to hear that the best time to go to Lençóis is after the rains that usually fall from January / February to May / June, depending on the year, to July / October, because the rains have already ceased and the ponds are full, season in which the Lençois present their most exuberant form.

This is true, especially for those who exclusively come to know the Lençóis Maranhenses. However, for those who want to get to know the region better, avoiding the traditional itineraries is a time when the tourist may find traveling difficulties for some points of interest, such as Santo Amaro, for example, because the access trails are usually very flooded or are cut by small streams that overflow at times to the point of not allowing passage, which ends up limiting the possibility of access to places that are not to be missed.

Setting the period when all conditions are favorable is very difficult because the rain cycles and their consequences are unpredictable. For those who want to enjoy and get to know the Beautiful Capital of São Luis and value the cultural aspect of the trip, June is simply not to be missed, it is when the festivities of São João take place. Attending the presentations of the various groups of Bumba Meu Boi that participate in this one of the most popular festivals of the northeast and that in São Luis has very particular characteristics and are of a wealth of rhythms and surprising colors, it is imperative.

This month, so if the rains have already stopped, it’s a great opportunity to guarantee at least two good attractions, the full lagoons and São João de São Luis. For those who enjoy carnival for example February / March, although it is not one of the best times to enjoy the Lençóis at its best, it guarantees fun for first-time revelers. The carnival in São Luis is played on the street with the crowd following the different blocks, very similar in color and animation with the carnivals of Olinda and Salvador. If the rains are not yet intense in this period and although the lagoons are not so full, you can easily travel around the region and have guaranteed access to various points of visitation and enjoy the carnival in São Luis.

In short, weigh the pros and cons according to your interests and choose the best time. Whatever we will be here to welcome you and make your choice the best you can.