Rua Boa Vista, 950 – Boa Vista, Barreirinhas – MA / CEP: 65590-000 – Brasil
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How to Arrive

There are several ways to get to Barreirinhas, either from São Luis or from Tutóia to those coming from Ceará or Piauí. We indicate the various means of transport possible and the different services offered, from the conventional to the alternative, so as to include all budgets available for the trip. Choose the best one for you and your pocket.

Road map that covers the region of Lençóis Maranhenses to São Luis. Through it you can see the full extent of MA-402 and its connection with BR-135 to São Luís.

São Luis
The brand new highway MA 402 – Translitorânea, connects São Luis to Barreirinhas. The route is 260 km and most of the highway has asphalt in excellent traffic conditions. By car one can make the trip quietly in 3 hours.

If the option is intercity buses, Viação Cisne Branco offers comfortable air-conditioned buses and regular buses to Barreirinhas with 6 daily schedules departing from São Luis bus station, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. . Depending on the route, via Rosario or Morros, the trip can take from 4 to 5 hours. The telephone number for the Branco Cisne Road in São Luis is (098) 3245-1233.

Another option is to make the trip in small vans also equipped with air conditioning and very comfortable. The trip is faster, around 4 hours. The only drawback is the schedules. They only leave in the morning between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., in compensation they catch the passenger at the hotel or wherever they are staying.

It is still possible to get to Barreirinhas by taxi or charter car available for any time of day. For those who prefer airplane, it is possible to charter a small aircraft, for up to 5 passengers, in the airport of São Luis and make the trip in 45 minutes, with right to fly over the Lençóis. Whatever your option, the Pousada Encantes do Nordeste provides your transfer, do not worry about it, we are here to serve you. Access our agency.

From Tutóia there are two options, go to Caburé, visit the region of Barra and then climb the Rio Preguiças towards Barreirinhas de voadeira or go straight to Paulino Neves and from there pick up another transport.
Freight in Toyota or Hillux, up to Paulino Neves, also known as Rio Novo, leaves for R $ 400,00 for up to 8 people and line capacity of R $ 25,00 per person. The distance is 38 km between the two cities and the journey takes approximately 1: 00/1: 30 hours.

In Paulino Neves again a stocking is taken or a Toyota / Hillux is rented for Caburé or Barreirinhas. The price of the trip to Barreirinhas is R $ 30,00 per person in the stocking that goes out every day, except on Sundays, 6:30 and 13:00 hours, or R $ 550,00 the freight for up to 10 people . The journey time is approximately 2 hours, not counting possible bogs.

From Paulino Neves to Caburé it takes 40 minutes. There is no Toyota / Hillux line and freight for up to 10 people leaves for $ 450.00. The trip is an adventure to part, the path alternates different types of landscape, restinga, fields, flooded, dunes and the seaside.

How to find us
For those who come with their own vehicle it is very easy to locate us. When arriving in Barreirinhas by the MA402 go straight until you find a great dune. At this point, turn right, direction airport and follow the signs. Take the Boa Vista road, which starts just after the airport. This road connects Barreirinhas to the town of São Domingos, among them is the neighborhood of Boa Vista. Pousada Encantes do Nordeste is located just in front of the Boa Vista School Group. From the great dune on the arrival of the town, to the Pousada are 3,500 meters away. If you are a GPS user our WAY POINT is the following: 2º44’32.9 “S – 42º47’55.6” W