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Our trekkings are suitable for anyone in good physical shape and healthy. There are short hikes ,01 day itinerary and long hikes, 3 to 5 days, the last one is recommended for those in excellent physical condition and disposition for longer hikes.

We highly recommend people who are not used to hikking or in good physical condition to not try to venture out as a matter of curiosity or momentaly excitement.

All our trekkings are accompanied by experienced and native guide. We use GPS only as a security item. The guide is experienced and knows the location, and has all the knowledge to guide us through the sand dunes of the Lençois. His experience and wisdom is vital for a safe crossing and allow us a closer enconter and intimacy with the place, which would be impossible otherwise. Such as identifying a gull's nest in the middle of the sand for the tourists joy and also for its protection,to know the best lagoon to swim, the best spot to install a tent at night avoiding a gust of sand,to identify the quicksand spots, among other situations, the presence of the guide is paramount for the better integration with the traveler and the little eco-system.Following the guide's orientation and respect him is the main condition to be part of the journey. There is one guide for a group of 6 people.As a support to the travelers, we have backpackers . Each man is able to carry 18 kilos and is paid over.

Walking over sand dunes, requires a different effort from other types of soil, we advice travelers to walk barefoot,to those with thicker soles ,flipflops , sandals or crock type sandals are the best options as well.Shoes and hikking boots are not recommended. Light clothes, preferably white and fast drying,light luggage, water, sunglasses, cap or hat, bathing suit, sunscreen with SPF 60, suitable backpack, torch light, wristwatch, a camera and plenty of willingness are the main items, the rest is suggested in the briefing the day before the departure.

The best time of the year for the crossings are the months of July/August and September, preferably during the full moon.The recommended hour to begin the trekkings in Lençois is always from 4 Am sharp. The temperature is mild, pleasant and walking is not so harsh. A stop for resting is recommended from 10Am to 2 Pm. It's harsh walking under a midday sun.

Our arrival and departure time are a reference only. Our itineraries are not rigid, structured. It can be tailor made in accordance with the traveler necessity,but bearing in mind that there are the limitations of the natural obstacles. That's why the table of time and distance value is not proportional, the reason is that the differences are due to the freedom of the traveler action.We strongly advice the travelers to travel light. So please contact our welcoming Inn, Encantes do Nordeste about dispatching your remain luggages to your last destination point of the trekking.

Describing these crossings would not be be enough to transmit all its beauty and emotion, but be prepared for a lifetime experience, contemplative greatness and exuberance of nature and fell the human simplicity and dimension in front of it. There is also a mystical component, to those more sensitive and connected with the human being spiritual aspect of his mission on earth. Come prepared for a journey of body and soul.