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On the left side margin of the Barra, near Mandacaru but about to reach Rio Preguiças estuary, lays Atins, a small fishermen hamlet, in the confluence of river and sea. Atins lays precisely in one of the National Park's extremities and can be reached in an hour and half walk.

The bravest may continue up to Queimada dos Britos, in the heart of the National Park, a six-hour walk going by the Rio Negro Estuary and through Bonzinho, a spot that on full-waters season bestows visitors with a wonderful vision of a cascade at seaside.

Those wanting to make the complete crossing are advised to stay overnight in Queimada dos Britos and in the following morning set on to Santo Amaro, a hamlet in the other extremity of the Park which can be reached in a six-hour walk.

The entire lengthy walk is done through dunes that can be 40 meters high with their sinuous curves and crystalline clear water lagoons whose nuances range from blue to green.

Precisely where the river waters meet the sea, in Atins, one can see on the other margin the Ponta da Brasília, the extreme point of a land finger that begins slightly before Cabure and where, with luck, you will be able to appreciate by sunset the arrival of flocks of red birds, the scarlet ibis, returning and setting down on tree top nests for the night. The Mario lagoon is another place that deserves a visit and a prolonged bath contemplating nature all around you. Walking along the narrow riverbank that cuts the hamlet is one of those strolls that make you feel like a real newly found land explorer. Roaming along its sinuous, shallow riverbed, of clear waters and with margins covered with luxuriant vegetation it is possible to reach the Barra of Preguiças and from there glimpse the sea. On the Ponta do Mangue you will find Dona Luzia's barrack, a mandatory stop to taste delicious grilled shrimp that only she knows how to prepare. Don't even try to ask the recipe, this is a topic that is kept in absolute secret by Luzia.

In short, using the imaginary instead of words think of a niche of land with exuberant vegetation between sea, river and the immensity of dunes and lagoons. That's Atins.